Professional analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of your network infrastructure.

Setech Company is a seamless multi-tiered technical and help desk support provider in the North Jersey area.

Are you tired of getting annoying pop ups when you are not even on the internet or even worried about your personal information?

Protect your home or business with a security camera system. Affordable prices and quick installation with a professional service.


  • We specialized in Technical Support for Small and Medium sized businesses as well as for Residential Customers in the North Jersey area. We offer support in person at your place (not remotely), with a very competitive rates.

    Setech Company takes the hassle out of computer repair. When your system goes down, it doesn't have to take your lifestyle with it! Pay only for the service you receive!.

    Cleaning your computer and your computer components and peripherals helps keep the components and computer in good working condition and helps keep the computers from spreading germ, if you worry about it, let us know and Setech Company will help you.

    Do you have a network problem and you have not received the appropriate assistance yet? or probably your systems department needs help doing changes on it? at Setech Company we have the experience needed to coordinate and execute all the network process (installations, troubleshooting, cabling, routing, etc.)

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About Us

  • SETECH Company was founded in 2004, his founder is a professional on the Computer industry with a long experience (20+ years); during all this time he has been alternating between fields such as IT Consulting and his long time job as university's educator, in where he has thought Development Software, Networks and more; as professor he has had the great honor to cooperate with systems engineering's faculties as a thesis evaluator for private universities abroad.

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Our Advantages

SETECH Company provides timely and knowledgeable support and services designed to help you deploy faster solutions and manage your IT environment more efficiently.

If an IT Incident have occurred, please complete our Incident Report form and submit it as soon as possible to effectively address the incident. 

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